Take a walk on the wild side-Colour your world-Paint the House!

As a garden designer, I see the joy of colour everywhere and love seeing how adventurous some garden owners are, not only with their garden plants and trees but also the colours of their homes.

Check out these houses…

Have you ever considered painting your house a bright colour?

Reminds me of that TV show my kids used to watch Bear in the Big Blue House

Here are some great homes from Buffalo New York, the owners have embraced bright colours and I just adore it, you can’t help but smile when you see a home that is bright pink! That takes some guts…and how gorgeous is it?!

It’s pink, what’s not to love?


Pretty shades of green

…this garden owner says he’s colour blind-looks pretty awesome to me

Feeling arty? Paint your gate

Tasteful contrast colours for the not so brave…but there is black!

Cute cottages bursting with colour

Check out how the plant selection matches the paint colour

Do you fancy red and green?

I’m sure this house was painted to co-ordinate with the begonias in the window boxes-so pretty

have you got a plain fence that needs some colour? Why not give this a go?

I have always been a green and pink girls and so no surprise that I adored the colours and the contrasting flowers of this weatherboard cottage

Tasteful black and white trim


That’s it, I’m inspired…I’m off to the hardware store to pick up some paint-how about you??? How brave are you????


The joy of garden maintenance

One of the elements of my business is garden maintenance. I like to offer this additional service to clients as part of a complete body of work. I don’t maintain a lot of gardens, just a few. I do this for a number of reasons.

  • It keeps me in touch with what’s happening in other people’s gardens, not just my own.
  • I can keep an eye on what pests and diseases are out and about at any given time of the year
  • I like to follow through on gardens that I have renovated or installed from the design stage, it’s important to identify what has worked and what has not-not everything is a success!
  • The garden is an ever evolving expression for me and it needs tweaking and changing from time to time, to be able to do this in other peoples’ gardens is sheer delight
  • I have elderly clients who love their gardens, their garden is what they do each day, it’s part of their daily routine, with a cup of tea in hand, chatting to the birds who stop by for a visit and can’t bear the thought of leaving their home and garden (most importantly) as they age, to “downsize”. Assisting these wonderful people in their gardens allows them to stay in their homes longer.
  • The relationship between the homeowner and their garden is a very personal one, it’s their private space, I feel so thankful and privileged to be allowed into people’s homes to do my work and look after something which gives them such joy….and just like Johnny Appleseed I get to spread my seeds all over the place!

Here’s one of the gardens I look after in Subiaco, Western Australia. I have been taking care of this garden for nearly two years and it’s looking just lovely this spring. The roses are the best they have ever been. I also look after the one next door!



Roses for all the neighbours to admire



Who wouldn’t love to share a meal with friends here?


Southern Hospitality…it’s not just for the humans

No doubt about it when you visit Georgia, you will experience as I did, what is known as Southern hospitality, there’s the food, of course, Ahh the food, the wonderful service is absolutely everywhere you go (even a homeless guy was friendly and gave us directions) and those accents…OHH, those wonderful accents….though to be sure I think this is may be true of most places in the USA, if the Garden Writers I have met through GWA are anything to go by but I guess it’s in the South that they are really known for it….but here’s something you might not have known, that delightful hospitality …is not just for humans!

Check out these incredible artisan birdhouses, each one tells its’ own story. These pics were taken during my recent trip to Atlanta and Athens, Georgia….and now that I’m back home, I am experiencing serious birdhouse envy…is that a thing?! I think that my husband is hoping that I find a cure quick smart! Then again…this could be his new retirement plan?! He has about 10 years to create them and build up his stocks before we start selling them.img_1811

Imagine the wonderful bird parties here!

Imagine the wonderful bird parties here!



There’s the house and then there’s the incredible pole!


Thank you to Garden Owners Candy Johnson, Robin and Mark Pollock, Carole McWilliams, Lee Dunn, Arthur Blank, Mary Wayne Dixon, Rosie Davidson, Barbara and Vince Dooley, Bonnie and Mike Dirr and Ann and Joe Frierson for providing wonderful habitat spaces for the birds who come visit your gardens and for the southern hospitality shown to people like me who came to visit in September during #GWA16


If I come back as a bird in my next life…I know exactly where I’m headed!