Mike and Bev Ardagh of City Beach

I would like to thank Andrea for her care and attention in planning and delivering a beautiful garden in our new home. Andrea’s love and passion for gardening was evident every step of the way. Her professionalism, combined with her knowledge of different plants along with the aftercare and attention to our garden was exceptional. Andrea is a very easy person to work with and our garden looks fantastic.

Thanks Andrea!


Wendy of Floreat

Highly recommend the very fabulous Andrea Whitely. Thanks to Andrea’s wealth of knowledge I now have the most beautiful Nyssa tree growing in my front garden. I have had people knock on my door and ask what it is !  I had never heard of this tree before). Andrea also selected beautiful Ornamental Pear and Native Hibiscus trees to totally transform our front and back gardens.

Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne of Subiaco

Thank goodness for Andrea and her gardening genius!  Without her green thumbs and fingers, my ‘brown thumb’ would have long since killed our garden.  She and her team efficiently clear everything up each month so that it always looks beautiful.  She offers useful advice, and under her guidance I never have to worry about the garden at all.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending her services.

Ellenby Tree Farm

Andrea has been a customer of Ellenby Tree Farm, Ellenby Field Services and Hort Marketing since 2008.

During that time we have had the pleasure of working with her to provide trees and plants for her many and varied planting jobs.  

Andrea has a definite idea of what she wants and what will work and only the best is acceptable.  

We have also had the pleasure of working alongside Andrea and her staff on many planting jobs to assist her in achieving the fantastic results that she does.