That one tree…

I’m a sentimental old fool really… and I’m in love with a tree… I don’t know quite why but there you have it. It’s a funny tree and quite unusual. It’s a Boab, now as a loyal West Australian I should say that my favourite is the Adansonia gregorii and here I am pictured beside one of these absolute stunners but it’s not.

That one tree

My favourite tree is this absolute beauty and it’s a Madagascan boab growing beautifully at Anna Plains Station, a million acre cattle station about 250kms south of Broome.

I think that as far as a tree goes there is no doubt it’s one of a kind but I think it’s because of where it’s located and that it reminds me of spectacular evenings under the stars sipping champagne and sharing stories with great friends, quiet mornings as the sun rises and long moments looking out towards the 80 mile beach at sunset. I look at this image of this tree and it makes me smile and contemplate the magnificent Kimberley and my friends who live there.

Do you have a special tree?

That one tree