NYC… expect magical moments

So, I’m walking down along the Hudson River with my dear travelling companion Sue, it’s a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, lucky I’m wearing my trusty new Skechers (highly recommend these daggy shoes for travelling) forget about boots Nancy Sinatra, these shoes really are made for walking!-there’s the Statue of Liberty over there to my right-yes the actual Statue of Liberty-I AM IN NEW YORK!!!!

Now, you remember dear blogging friends, that I’m here celebrating “our” 50th year with my dear friend Helen from Anna Plains station. Helen is off with some other friends for the day and my trusty friend Sue and I are walking…now remembering we’re in NEW YORK, the busiest metropolis on the planet, I was not really holding out much hope for wildlife or nature apart from seeing it on The High line and Central Park but I was so wrong. There’s a Buddleia davidii covered in blooms, huge deep purple blooms heavy with nectar , gently moving in the breeze and covered in stunning big healthy bees and the most wonderful monarch butterflies. There’s birds everywhere and my heart is bursting…there is hope for our planet-butterflies and bees live!-even in New York! and on we travel and I come across a beautiful rose-filled garden and a lush green lawn, right on the banks of the river and there are some words carved into a low wall in gold paint and they say…”I can sail without wind, I can row without oars but I cannot part from my friend without tears” and I turn to Sue and say with a little tear in my eye “OMG that’s exactly how I feel whenever I have to say goodbye to Helen”… and so I take a photo and we continue on our way.

In the middle of the road literally, the middle of the road, someone has created and continues to nurture a miniature succulent garden….delightful!

There’s a huge big bronze apple-of course there is -THE BIG APPLE…you’re with me right…we’re in New York!

There’s charming window boxes as we stroll up Christopher St in the West Village towards our apartment-I’m so happy to be here at this time of the year, New Yorkers really know how to enjoy the summer season by welcoming nature home to their front windows and doors-gorgeous! I’m going to really make an effort with my front door when I get home, I think to myself.

Weeks later and I’m on the plane travelling from LA to Sydney with Helen who has joined me en route home and we’re sitting on the plane, sharing phone photos, giggling like little girls-WE HAVE JUST BEEN IN NEW YORK!! and she tells me about this park along the Hudson River and a saying on the wall and how she was walking with Sue when she saw it and said “that’s how I feel when I say goodbye to Andrea” and Sue says “that’s exactly what Andrea said when she and I walked past here last week. We both look at each other, smile, knowing just what the other was thinking. It’s a rare thing to have a connection with someone like that-not to be taken lightly-to be cherished and we do!

Sue hasn’t said a word but she must think we’re both a little crazy. a good way of course!