15 Mins Projects

Terracotta Tower

Who says you’re not creative! I created this lovely Terracotta Tower in under 15 minutes and you can to


  • 1 x Piece of Rio-length of your choice-this one is 1.5m long
  • 5 x Terracotta pots-1 large and 4 smaller but all the same size
  • 1 x bag 30l potting mix
  • 1x bag water saving mulch
  • 5 x plants – I chose a mixture of succulents and a lovely Calibrachoa in the bottom one

I was inspired by the notion of a bottle tree and so topped it off with a pretty bottle from IKEA repurposed form my 50th birthday party.

How to

  • Pound the Rio into the ground so that it is very secure
  • Place the largest pot first and then carefully place the others one by one
  • Add potting mix
  • Plant out your plants
  • Finally add some water saving mulch and top it off with the bottle of your choice… and water everything well

Enjoy your new creation

This is my interpretation of something I saw on ‘Better Homes and Gardens’

15 Min Terracotta Tower